cropped-blyth-spiritWelcome to my blog about Blyth Spartans AFC.
It’s a
football club steeped in history, a club FA Secretary Ted Croker once called:
“the most famous Non League football team in the world”.

There have been some great players, famous games and some truly memorable times throughout the club’s long history.

This blog will feature some of those players, the epic games and historic events in an attempt to give the proud history of Blyth Spartans an online presence.
Its history to be proud, one to be remembered and never forgotten.

Hope you enjoy.

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9 Responses to About

  1. Alan Appleby says:

    Hi there,I noticed on Weymouth FC forum that you are looking for a photo of Peter Guthrie,well I have the same photo as is on the programme in one of the posts responding to your request. The photo is in glorious black and white only I’m afraid,the reason I bought the photo was that my young (then) son is sitting against the wall behind Peter.If you would like a copy then just respond with your email address to the email below and I’ll send as an attachment,Regards,Alan Appleby.

  2. very enjoyable read , a lot of time and effort. One of the better blogs !

  3. the goose says:

    Not a lot to be proud of in Blyth – lived here all my life and the best is all behind us though I will never forget those exciting days as a young lad waiting for the FA cup draw being announced.

    Not sure how I got your blog while reading up on Tenerife, but at least I know where to come for a reminisce as I approach early retirement. Just been in York and spoken with several old football pros who would relate to the massive achievement of the Spartan warriors nearly 40 years ago!

    Maybe I will access this link again in Los Cristianos next Year and see if anyone has thoughts on why Blyth remains in the doldrums. Pretty sure a school prefect could organise job fairs and skill training and competitions and work experience and sponsors and exhibitions – I have seen nothing at all in this regard despite the millions paid to the political classes and anthropologists that seem to stifle any hint of ambition in the town.

    I go to many similar towns that never had the benefits Blyth had in terms of job training and natural coastal features yet they seem to attract holidaymakers or employers that fund the development of the townsfolk – Blyth just slides away into the abyss. I think the rise and subsequent demise of the Spartans illustrates the pattern of the town and we will never improve unless we learn from history lessons as outlined so admirably above.

  4. Very interesting blog. Have you come across any info about my great-grandfather Mark Lawton? He was player, then manager, of Blyth between the wars (front row, 4th right http://www.pinterest.com/pin/191684527866057315/). His brother Bill was the trainer – far left in flat cap.

  5. Anthony says:

    Can we use this in our Stoke fanzine please? Full namecheck etc.

    Duck magazine

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