RIP Bill Fenwick… a genuine Spartan great.

March 30th 2016 brought the sad news that the oldest known former Blyth player had sadly passed away.

billy95 year old Bill Fenwick was more than just a former player he was a genuine Spartan great.

In 1937 Bill joined his hometown club as a 17 year old forward and went on to serve as coach, physio, manager & even kit man in a lifelong association with
‘his’ club.

Even aged 92 Bill could still be found at Croft Park watching games, such was his love for his club.

Back in 2013 Bill only too willingly helped us with
a blog in which we paid tribute & chronicled his truly remarkable life and football career:

The club has lost one of its greatest ever servants, he was ‘Mr Blyth Spartans’.

RIP William Randolph Fenwick.

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3 Responses to RIP Bill Fenwick… a genuine Spartan great.

  1. Bill is my Uncle and I loved him so much ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. David K. says:

    Bill Fenwick was my uncle – As a child arriving from Australia, Lil & Bill me stay at their home;
    I remember Bill as a very kind, gentle & patient man…it’s something I hold dear in my heart.
    I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with them a few years back…he was still that great man. My aunty & uncle had so many blessed & happy years together, and I can’t imagine how the loss for Lil is. My respect & commiserations to the whole family.

  3. Chris Donkin says:

    Thanks for this post

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